Card Magic: Twisting Aces

A performance only trick by 52kards.

Intermediate Card Magic: Simple Sybil Cut

If you guys are following my blog’s tutorials, this is the most advanced false cut you shall learn. This Sybil is a beauty, though not as complex as the real thing. It involves three packets only. I learned this originally from HowCast, so 90% of the credit goes to them. I say 90% because when preformed right, my version is a bit smoother.

Intermediate Card Magic: One-Handed Cut || Not Revolution or Charlier Cut

This is a nice way in which you can divide a deck of cards single-handedly! For those who are interested, I am now in America.

wu: bloody genesis update and a few writing tips

Greetings, ladies and gents,

I just read a little about a girl who published her book at around 11 or 12. That’s pretty interesting. However, I read a review, and I don’t intend on reading Kaden Hurley’s book, but I just thought the fact was inspiring. For more info on Kaden Hurley, go to her website.

Anyway, about Bloody Genesis. I’m wondering if I should change the title. The one I have now seems too violent. And a bit gross. I don’t like it. Maybe something like Raeven’s Kill or Traitors of Mavor would be better, or something like that. I don’t know. I’ll have to figure it out.

So far I have 10,914 words. That’s 27 pages in New Times Roman, line spacing 1.3, some words in italics and some in bold (that’s for the short chapter titles and stuff). I have small writing snippets at the beginning of each chapter to make it more fun and to get the reader more familiar with the world and its culture.

Speaking of the world, I have decided not to have a name for the world at all, and every time I make reference of it I call it the globe, planet, or world. I think it’s better that way.

OK, writing tips. You saw that in the title and I will not fail you. Research, my friend. Whether you’re making up your own world or using Earth, research, research, research. I went to a useful Wikipedia article for motorsport terms to us in my racing scene. I wanted to know the correct word for throwing starts so I Googled it. I wanted to know how a basic steam-engine was built so I searched it. Research is important so you don’t seem like a dummy when you talk about something. Why say “a crash where the first motorbike strikes the middle of the second so that it forms a ‘T’” when you can say “a T-bone”? Get the correct terms. Any time you encounter a word you don’t know in your reading, look it up in the dictionary and learn what it means. That’s why Kindles are useful.When you know the meaning, look it up in a thesaurus. Application or online ones are best because they usually are longer, and sometimes give examples.

There it is, folks. If you happen to think of a good title, please tell me about it.

Fly or die,


Hey guys, I know I’ve been doing alot of card magic videos recently. Just letting you know, I have not quit writing! For Bloody Genesis, the first of my epic steampunk trilogy, I’ve already written about 3,780 words. Pretty neat, huh? Except I still have alot of introductions to do. I don’t think it should be too hard. I just need to come up with a good transition from an epic motorbike race with T-bones and wheelstands to a night ride over the cliffs of the capital city with friends on the back of rocs and griffins.

Again, it shouldn’t be too hard. After that all but one intro should be pretty easy. I just wanted to tell you guys that. Plus, I wrote a song. Not as cool as the book, but still worth noting.

I can’t wait to eat sausage in America!

And ice-cream.

And shrimp.

And milk.

Beginner Card Magic: FreeMagicLive’s Ninja Trick

Yes, yes. I’ve already made a tutorial for the Ninja Trick. But that was my modified custom version. This is the original, which is a lot easier. It gets you introduced to the idea of handling two cards as one.

Beginner Card Magic: The Triple Cut

The simplest cut ever. I bet I can teach you in words, but since I’ve already made a video, here you go. Easy to learn. I expect everyone who sees this post to learn it, even strange people with beards. See ya.

Beginner Card Magic: A Decent and Simple False Cut

Read the title, and you’ve got the description. This is a fantastic false cut. Change it up a bit to make it your own, and experiment. Respect the cut, and keep practicing.

Beginner Card Magic: Triple Swing Cut

A great but simple false cut, similar to my false cut. Elegant, and can be modified in many different ways. Experiment with it!
A note. If some of you guys are upset that this is turning into a magic vlog, don’t worry. I’ll continue with my Writing Updates soon. I’m in the middle of re-reading The Tide of Unmaking for some fantasy inspiration. I need that to come up with another plot. I’ll see ya guys next time.

Beginner Card Magic: Slip Cut

An amazing concept that is used in many card slights, effects, and card tricks. This in incredibly basic, but yet incredibly useful. I think anyone can do this. Hey guys, if you are ready to take it up a notch, just like this post and comment about a trick that you. have. made. up.


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